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Iron Capital is an exclusive collection of investor-mentality, entrepreneurs, business experts and member-directed venture capital.

We are Iron Investors.
We make Iron Investments.

Why Iron Capital

We are energetic visionary minds with canny financial skills that believe and invest in the world of cryptocurrency.




Our core principle that built the entire concept of Iron Capital is expressed by the perfect trilemma:


Through the infinite power of compound networking and capital, we, at Iron Capital, aim to create the perfect financial tool that will give us access to the right information at the right moment.

With an exclusive network of Iron Investors, backed by a solid capital available, accessing the right information is just a conformity. In a very short period of time, a normality.

As a smart investor, this opportunity is a natural decision.

Our Journey

Experienced devs & innovators buidlers have teamed up to create a futuristic financial vehicle to support impressive projects from the early stages of their development.

Our conviction is in the boundless possibilities of collaborative networking, combined with an unparalleled level of an Iron mindset that will empower to elevate ourselves into becoming an Iron-Investor and embracing investing as a way of life.

Made of strong, energetic and everlasting elements,
IRON Capital represents the latest innovation in building indestructible projects.

Made of strong, energetic and everlasting elements, IRON Capital represents the latest innovation in building indestructible projects.

Investments Ecosystem

Our focus on investments in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is primarily centered on the gaming industry, metaverse environments, AI, AR, VR, payments, and NFTs.
Surely, we constantly source and analyze any promising project built by strong teams with outstanding tracking performance.

Join the Iron Partner Program

Join the
Iron Partner Program

Iron Capital supports ambitious crypto entrepreneurs not only by direct investment but also by providing comprehensive assistance, including tokenomics consultation, PR & marketing, business advisory, as well as leveraging our partner network’s extensive experience and demonstrated industry knowledge.

Core Iron Investors

We have collectively started 9 companies, generating multi-million dollars in revenue and have invested in
500+ Crypto projects with a cumulative $10B marketcap

Dani Topala

Dani Topala

Chief Executive Officer

Bogdan Vaida

Chief Investment Officer

Robert Ivanov

Chief Research Officer

Wesley Ellul

Chief Development Officer

Rene Malmgren

Chief Technology Officer

Catie Romero

Chief Operational Officer

Egor Arsentev

NFT Researcher