1. None of the investors is above the main implication that satisfies the vision and the pecuniary market interest Iron Capital has at any point in time.

2. Each investor has 1 ( one ) vote right only.

3. All votes are equal in weight.

4. Each investor has the right to propose projects for investments.

5. Each project investment process has to go through all steps in order to become valid for investment allocation.

6. None of the investors alone can deploy investments.

7. All investors approve the Board as the Executive Council.

8. The Executive Council is the leading force of the project.

9. The Board is the Executive Council that applies what community has decided as per voting, where the Board has the veto vote right.

10. Iron Capital DAO’s funds are held in a main wallet address on Gnosis Safe, named “Iron Capital Wallet”.

11. The Board is authorised by the community to access the wallets and deploy the approved investments.

12. Iron Capital’s Wallet on Gnosis Safe has a multi-signature dependency across all Board investors for deploying capital.

13. The multi-signature dependency is valid only when a minimum quorum of all-members-minus-one have signed the transaction.

14. Iron Capital DAO’s wallets can be accessed only by the Board.

15. Iron Capital Wallet never connects with any website or services in order to avoid any exposure of the funds.

16. Iron Capital DAO has multiple “Layer 2” wallets called “Executive Wallet” based on the category of investment, as Gaming, Metaverse, DeFi, etc.

17. When investments are made, the Board will transfer the approved amount from its main Iron Capital Wallet to the Executive Wallet.

18. The only interaction Iron Capital Wallet has it is with the Executive Wallets.

19. After the amount has been transferred to the required wallet, the Board will finally transfer the amount mentioned at “17” to the project’s wallet.

20. The Board has the right to access the wallets at any time given.

21. All investors know all wallets addresses and all transactions can always be verified on etherscan.io

22. The Board has the right to exclude any investor in case of any violations of any rule presented in the Iron Capital DAO’s smart contract.

23. All investors express a high-end behavior inside of our DAO backed buy self-esteem, respect and constructive feedback.

24. Investors understand that all investments made by Iron Capital require time to attain a high ROI level and will align with this vision accordingly inside of our community.

25. All investors understand that Iron Capital DAO has one-and-only pecuniary interest to highly satisfy all expectations in terms of investments and all its decisions are taken assisted by this vision.

26. Iron Capital Board encourages all its investors to interact as much as possible inside of the community, build strong relationships, discuss market narratives and trends, and thus, making Iron Capitol DAO the best community for crypto investments.

Voting Rules

1. The proposal should always be always single.

2. As a starting point, the investor is advised to start an initial discussion about it on the channel assigned for this, named #project-suggestion in order to attract the community sentiment.

3. If this moment fails, the project can still be sent to the RD.

4. When a investor has a proposal, he/she will be ready to engage with the community by answering questions, replies and concerns.

5. Any proposal must include in a short version: basic and relevant points about the project like market, board and project’s USP.

6. If a project needs to be sent to the Research Department for further analysis, the file should include: simple Summary as complete board members, advisors, tokenomics, price of the token, conditions of allocation and why the project deserves an investment.

7. The Research Department will issue a Report on Investment.

8. The report will have at the end of it its own vote option expressed as “Yes” or “No”.

9. The Report on Investment will be posted on the Research Team’s channel under sub-channel named #Reports.

10. If the RD has a “Yes” vote expressed, then the community will vote on the project for investment within 72h time frame.

11. Passing requirements: the poll is accompanied by a Yes-vote quorum of 75% ( seventy and five) of the current investors of our DAO, is considered valid and approved.

12. Investors have 3 voting options as following : “Yes” – Investor understands that approves the project for investment “No” – Investor understands that rejects the project for investment “TTB” – Trust the Board. Where investor understands that the vote counts as the Research Department’s vote, respectively “Yes”.

13. The absence of giving the vote to any option during the requested time allowed for voting, investor understands that the vote will automatically count as a TTB vote.

14. Once a voting meets the requested criteria, the voting is valid.

15. Once a voting poll became valid, investors will have to express their vote for the exact amount to be invested within 24h time frame.

16. The amount-option which takes the most votes, wins.

17. After the voting Poll is valid and closed, the Board has the right to operate the approved amount to be deployed from the main wallet to the required Executive Wallet and then to the project’s wallet.