I enjoy spending time watching sunsets. 

I have always found them fascinating, beautiful, and filled with hope—the hope of witnessing the sun’s return tomorrow and every day thereafter. As I engage in this internal conversation, the Sun paints the sky with the colours of its departing half, offering a prophetic farewell in various shades of red. 

This triggers a contemplation on the phrase “again and again,” leading me to ponder the question: 

“What does it truly take to become a successful investor?” 

This initiates a fresh self-dialogue that I am eager to share further.


The phrase “again and again” signifies consistency above all else. It embodies a repetitive process devoid of exceptions. Let’s explore how the principle of sunsets can be applied to the life of an investor seeking success.

For a successful investor, there are several essential assets to possess.

Asset One.


The Most Valuable.

Health can be subdivided into three major categories:


Achieving and maintaining mental well-being is crucial. A healthy mental state translates to a peaceful and steady mindset. The environment in which your thoughts thrive is pivotal—composed of emotions, feelings, fears, and thoughts. The content you introduce should consistently lean toward positivity—without exception.

Building an unyielding mindset involves a few key considerations:

Step 1

Always follow through on your commitments. Develop trust with your mind by consistently acting on your intentions. Each instance of action solidifies your identity. Your brain takes your words seriously when backed by consistent action. Your approach to one task reflects your approach to all tasks.

Step 2 

Organize your physical surroundings meticulously. Arrange everything, from your closet to your phone, with precision. Apps should have zero notifications, emails no unread messages. Your workspace, books, and even your car should be clean, well-ordered, and easily accessible.

Step 3

Select the five most impactful books you’ve read. Focus solely on these books for the next two years—read them again and again. You’ll appreciate the results later.


With our bodies comprising over 60% water and our brains and muscles exceeding 75%, optimal hydration and nutrition are vital. Consuming high-quality water low in sodium and free from chemicals primes the body for peak physical performance. Food should fuel the body logically rather than emotionally. The goal of eating is to energize, invigorate, and empower—not to hinder daily performance.

Regular exercise is a must. Incorporating heavy weightlifting twice a week alongside 2-3 outdoor activities achieves an ideal athletic training regimen. Viewing physical health in two cycles—Day and Night—optimizes performance. An eight-hour sleep and consistent activity during the day facilitate robust recovery and prepare the body for upcoming cycles. Failure in one cycle impacts the subsequent two cycles negatively. If you’re seeking a challenge, aim for that six-pack.

Spiritual Health: The Ultimate State. The Ultimate Greatness. Meditation, introspection, and a giving attitude contribute to spiritual well-being. Nurturing a profound connection with a higher power keeps you mindful of the beauty in creation. Cultivating appreciation, humility, and gratitude is essential. After indulging in luxuries, take a moment to pray and express gratitude—an act to be repeated. Again, and again.


Asset Two.


The Most Coveted.

The realm of wealth is a mental endeavour, governed by a set of rules:

Rule #1

Grasp the concept of money—its nature and function as a controlled asset.

Rule #2

Understand macroeconomics, market cycles, inflation, banking systems, real estate, and taxation.

Rule #3

Acquire people skills. A successful investor excels in networking, communication, relationship maintenance, conflict resolution, and adaptation to diverse mentalities and cultures.

Rule #4

Attain irreplaceability. Belonging to the 1% club means being indispensable, the heartbeat of your endeavours.

Rule #5

Earnings align with problem-solving difficulty and audience size.

Rule #6

Maintain updated technological prowess.

Rule #7

Act decisively. While learning from others’ experiences is valuable, action is the true catalyst for progress. Initiate, even when unprepared.


Asset Three.


The Most Challenging.

Discovering personal fulfilment is an arduous journey, entailing years of introspection and continuous questioning. Answers yield more questions, leading to an evolving self-understanding—a cycle to be embraced repeatedly.

A holistic approach to life comprises these three pillars: Health, Wealth, and Personal Fulfilment. Regular self-evaluation, identifying weaknesses, strategizing improvements, and planning the next move characterize an investor’s mindset. Such individuals embody self-respect, high standards, and etiquette, forming the foundation of an Iron Mindset.

At Iron Capital, we’ve launched the Iron Capital Talks podcast (available on our official YouTube channel, Iron Capital News). As the host, I interview C-level executives, founders, and successful entrepreneurs to unveil their Iron Mindsets behind their Iron Investments.

On to the next one,


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