Join the Iron Partner Program

We cordially invite pioneering and high-impact projects to apply for funding through our Iron Partner Program. Our Council Team of Investors is committed to supporting innovative ideas and nurturing them into prosperous ventures. Our ultimate aim is to collaborate with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and assist them in realizing their aspirations.

We are excited to receive your application and collaborate with you to shape a transformative future.

Become a​ builder

Become a builder

We are proud to have you on board. This is going to be a journey that defines characters and creates lifetime relationships. Money is just another tool like information or knowledge. Treat it as it is. The most powerful tool in the world is the networking you are part of.

But something is still above that. It’s where you belong to.
We, at Iron Capital, beside pecuniary objectives, which are important, want to create a powerful gear as networking in the crypto investments space. We want to be recognized as one of the best. This is beyond money. It’s lifestyle.

For this, we need to act as one and be on the same page with our mindset. That’s the only way. There is no passion found in playing small.